Wednesday, 30 May 2012

I should be studying...

Despite the fact that I graduated from University 3 years ago... I have a test tomorrow. And rather than studying, I look more like this

Just swap the beer with a glass of wine and you've got me!
So I vow to take this advice

But since the test is tomorrow, that's probably not the best advice.

I'm not going to ask or even suggest it but I can think of one thing that might get me motivated...

Maybe I'll suggest that if I ever have another test!


  1. Good luck on your test Becky! Hope you got some of that studying done.

  2. Good luck, and I hope you found some motivation!

  3. I hope the test went well.

  4. Thanks everyone, I passed it. Hope I don't have another test... EVER!

  5. lol...isn't this true for all of us! Best of luck studying.

    Grr...does this show my name? Ana,