Friday, 25 May 2012

Hmm, I think I can get into this DD thing!

Today, the hubby and I spent an amazing, rare day together. He works midnights and I work days, which really limits the time we get to spend together during the week. However, I had the day off and M stayed awake all day so that we could get some errands done, and grab a late lunch. To top of a great day we stopped off at the driving range (it doesn't look like I will be going pro any time soon!!) On the way home we started talking about my recent landscaping challenge I have committed myself too. The previous owner of our home believed rocks and shrubs were the answer to everything. The shrub were never maintained and are overgrown. Last summer I started with a smaller garden in the back, which took me most of the summer to dig up the rocks... but I am very proud of the final product. This summer is the front. My dad came over yesterday to help M dig out the bushes. There were 3 in total, and I'm pretty sure each was the size of a small elephant. Now I am ready to dig up the rocks, break up the soil and plant something beautiful. I have been looking into different plants and designed what i want it to look like. When I start a project, I can be a little obsessive, not wanting to do anything else until my project is complete. M knows this about me, so this is what our conversation sounded like in the car.

M- "You are not to work in the garden today, it is too hot out now and I don't want you to get sick"
Me - "I just want to dig up the rocks while you are sleeping"
M - "No, it is too hot. You are not to work in the garden. We can work on it together in the morning. I think you should go shopping. Take $200 and go to the mall."
Me- "Fine, if you insist!"

Yard Work.....Shopping....

Really, its not to hard to be submissive and obey when you give me choices like that!!

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