Thursday, 17 May 2012

Everybody Loves Ray

I was watching a rerun of Everyone Loves Ray as all the couples were talking about all the secret deceptive things they do to their partner when they are upset.

This conversation all started when Robert caught Pat smoking. Later, as the secret was revealed to the family Hank, with his very authoritative HOH voice demands to know how long this has been going on. Pat with her submissive/passive voice answers him "23 years." He begins the lecture (you know the lecture!) and demands to know why. Her reply... "To deal with you. If I didn't have my cigarettes, I think I would have to fight you." 

After the lecture continues for a few minutes everyone announces the different things the do to cope with each other.

Ray drives around the block a few times listening to music to prepare himself for Debra
Debra eats chocolate
Amy turns Robert toothbrush to the east, when he specifically puts it to the west
Pat (Amy's mom) smokes cigarettes
Hank (Amy's dad) blows things up

Marie announces...

 "I cant believe you all have to engage in this sort of behaviour just to deal with your partner, it's not healthy." 

Frank agrees and states... something along the lines of this... Ya when I cant stand Marie I tell her to shut my and make me a sandwich.

The family starts to discuss the dysfunctional relationship between Marie and Frank.

Marie's response:

"Do I smoke? Do I blow things up?"

Just goes to show how important communication is... 

and I couldn't help but wonder...

what would this show look like if the husbands spanked their wives?????

It probably would have been a 5 minute clip, rather than an 30... Starring Peter Paddle and Spencer Spoon. 


  1. Would have made for some interesting dynamics, huh?

    Welcome to blogland, Becky!

  2. I remember that episode well. I loved that show!