Monday, 15 October 2012

Paulie the Paddlle

Meet June the Spoon!

We started our DD journey using June on a pretty regular basis. We got to know each other fairly well. However, it started to become a problem when I no longer had any wooden spoons left in the Kitchen! After June the Spoon the 4th cracked in half, the hubby decided it was time to graduate to something more durable. (May you rest in piece June! I can truly say that I miss you, you were much nicer that what came next!)

Meet Mr. Brush (I wasn't very creative when I named this one)

So after we laid June down to rest, I got better acquainted with Mr. Brush. Mr. Brush did wonders for my hair, but was not so great for my behind! Over the past few months we developed somewhat of a love hate relationship, but he was doing his job. Mr. Brush met his fate a few weeks ago when he cracked down the middle. I duct taped him back together and I am still using him as a brush, but the hubby felt he was no longer appropriate for spanking.
It was time again for another graduation.

Meet Paulie the Paddle
SR Solid MAPLE Paddle ~ 3 1/2" x 16" x 1/2"  $16.95

Paulie arrived at our house from nearly 3 weeks ago. I find Paulie very frightening! Lets just say I have been on my BEST behaviour and Paulie and I have not had the chance to get to know each other formally yet. The hubby is starting to get anxious, and keeps asking to give it a test drive! I am hoping to avoid becoming better acquainted with Paulie, but I know it's just a matter of time!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

A Little Experiment

6 months ago I discussed my frustrations with another DDer regarding my husbands unwillingness to give DD a chance... later that week, after months of discussing it, he agreed to give it a try.

About 3 months ago I blogged about our rules in our DD marriage, or rather, the lack there of. The very next day my list of rules tripled.

Last night I blogged about consistency and leniency and grey areas such as disrespect. Today I was punished for being disrespectful or "snappy" (for the first time) despite the fact that I was actually in a very submissive mood!!

So, I was thinking...


I wonder if this will work...

I am so frustrated...

It has been soooo long since my husband has taken me on a tropical vacation!

Be careful what you wish for!!!

Monday, 10 September 2012

Too Lenient or am I just that good?

I am lucky enough to have many friends out in blog land that I can share my joys and frustrations with regarding this lifestyle. It seems to me that there is a community of loving, accepting people out there that are always ready to listen when you need someone to listen, offer advice when you need advice or a prayer when you need a prayer. And when the time comes, I am happy to listen, give advice or send up a prayer to those friends who may also need it.

One of the privledges to being part of such a wonderful community, is hearing others stories. We all a little bit different from one another. What may be important to one HOH, may not be to another. Some HOH's are very strict and have very high expectations from their significant other, while others may be more lenient of certain behaviour. Some HOH's find themselves disciplining rather frequently (some times daily), while other rarely have to use discipline. Some HOH are extremely consistant, never faultering or appearing to second guess themselves. While others openly admit to struggling with consistency.

As odd as this sounds, my husband is both strict and lenient, consistent and inconsistent. Wierd, eh? (I through in the eh for my American friends out there!) Let me explain:

Both strict and lenient? How does that work?

I generally try to follow the 4 D's of domestic discipline (danger, disrespect, dishonesty, disobedience)

However, we have specific rules that I am expected to always follow that fall into the above catergories. Things such as going to bed by 12, carrying my cell phone with me at all times, keep the house neat and tidy, and so on.

These rules are black or white, yes or no. With these rules he is very strict, I either broke the rule or I didn't. And since there is no grey area or possible loopholes to get through, when the rule is broken, I can expect consequences.

However, for many items that still fall into the 4 D's that we do not have a specific rule for, I find him very lenient or inconsistent. There have been times were I catch myself talking to him very disrespectfully and stop to glance up at him to see how he is going to react. To date, I have never been disciplined for disrespect. This is where that variation between HOH's really come into play. Some HOH's would never tolerate some the things I say, while others would probably find me respectful (I'm not nasty and rude all the time!!!!) .

I love reading others blogs, and hearing everyones stories. I spend much of my spare times doing so. However, I often catch myself feeling somewhat jealous. Crazy, I know! But I just wish my husband could me a little more attentive in some of the other areas of DD, and not just to the specifics. I often go weeks without even getting a lecture. But then, I can't help but ask myself... is it because he is just too lenient or am I just that good???

Thursday, 23 August 2012

What Would You Do?

If given the chance to do one thing, without consequence or punishment, what would it be?

Would you lounge around the house for a week, staying in your PJ's refusing to do any housework?

Would you do something more daring?

There are 2 things that I would like to add to my bucket list, but the hubby has made it pretty clear neither will happen without some serious consequences!!!


I would love to go to a psychic. Not because I believe they can really see into the future, but rather I think they are people who can read body language. I'd like to go wearing jogging pants and a T-shirt, no jewelry and no makeup. 

Both my mom and sister go, but I have never been. I guess I'm just curious... but my hubby is dead set against it. 

He pretty much told me I would be punished every day for a week if I went behind his back, plus remove all privileges.

(I should add that he has a family member that basically basis her life around psychic predictions, but its not like I'm about to do that!)

I would LOVE to ride on the back of a motorcycle.

Come on now, that just looks fun!

What would you do?

Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Case of the Housework Blues

Right now my house looks a little like this...

I should have this attitude...

But instead, I can't help the think...

or this...

(Big Sigh)

I guess I'll be doing this all afternoon...

But maybe I'll do a little more of this first...

On another note, my husband tried to brush off one if is chores on to me the other day. I have never cut the grass a day in my life, nor do I ever plan to. When I was young I asked my dad to teach me and he out right refused. I have never showed interest since that day.

As we driving around the other day my hubby pointed out a young lady cutting the grass...
him -"See, girls can cut the grass too."

me - "Ok dear, I will cut the grass this week and take out the garbage and you can do the laundry, cook and clean up after the meals and vacuum."

(he apparently didn't like the idea of trading chores for the week because he just flat out refused to respond)

him - "But I'm allergic to grass!"

me - "and I am allergic to laundry detergent!"

I guess that was that, cause when we got home he cut the grass and I did the laundry.

Friday, 17 August 2012

An unusual threat from my father

2 things you should know about me.
1. I was never disciplined as a child. Granted, I was pretty well behaved, but there certainly were times that I should have earned a punishment of some kind. I only ever remember being grounded once, and that only prevented me from playing with friends. I was still allowed to watch tv and play videogames. I never had to stand in the corner, I never had soap in my mouth, and I never was spanked.

2. Despite my young age, I'm not really into technology. Im not really one to upgrade things. I figure, if it still works the why waste my money. So that would be the reason why I had my last cell phone for the past 5 years.

Okay, so now my story.

I decided it was time for a new phone, everyone seems to have a smart phone, so why not, I deserve something nice every now and then. I even bought a fancy case filled with bling.

My parents are evn more behind on technology then me. They don't have cell phones, heck, they don't even own a computer! So they were pretty excited to get a brief tutorial of my new iPhone.

After showing them all the cool things my new phone can do, me dad proceeded to give me a lecture on texting and driving.

"You better not be texting while driving on that thing little miss."

"don't worry dad, I  would NEVER dream of doing that"

"I don't care how old you are, if I found out you were doing that I would put you over my knee!"

What?!?!    I think my jaw hit the floor! He has never even threatened to spank me before!

I wonder how he would react if i told him the hubby already has that one covered!