Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Case of the Housework Blues

Right now my house looks a little like this...

I should have this attitude...

But instead, I can't help the think...

or this...

(Big Sigh)

I guess I'll be doing this all afternoon...

But maybe I'll do a little more of this first...

On another note, my husband tried to brush off one if is chores on to me the other day. I have never cut the grass a day in my life, nor do I ever plan to. When I was young I asked my dad to teach me and he out right refused. I have never showed interest since that day.

As we driving around the other day my hubby pointed out a young lady cutting the grass...
him -"See, girls can cut the grass too."

me - "Ok dear, I will cut the grass this week and take out the garbage and you can do the laundry, cook and clean up after the meals and vacuum."

(he apparently didn't like the idea of trading chores for the week because he just flat out refused to respond)

him - "But I'm allergic to grass!"

me - "and I am allergic to laundry detergent!"

I guess that was that, cause when we got home he cut the grass and I did the laundry.


  1. I know it's wrong to say, but to me, some jobs are pink and some are blue. That's just the way it is! Grass=blue job. trash=blue job. Dishes=pink. No prob. laundry=pink. cooking inside=pink. grilling outside=blue. Ridiculous, but that's how it is in my mind!!!

  2. I don't think that's rediculous. Call me old fashion but I agree. I like you blue verses pink terms. I usually just tell my husband those are boy jobs, but I might have to start using your color code!

  3. Its the same at our house- pink an blue jobs...some now are categorized as adult or minion and less as pink or blue... truth be told I am training my boys to o the pink jobs... their wives can thank me later.

    1. Same here! My boys know how to do the pink and my girls some of the blue, but not the grass! I haven't cut the lawn... EVER! I wouldn't even know how to start the lawnmower and I'm fine with that... LOL

  4. Heh! Exactly! We help each other out and divvy up the chores but the grass, that's all his.

  5. I made the huge mistake of cutting the grass a few times, and now it's expected of me :( Not too smart, I know!