Monday, 13 August 2012

Attention seeking behaviors

It has been over a month since I have been spanked! And trust me I'm not complaining about that! I don't particularly enjoy being spanked, but I do appreciate the time we spend together after.

Sometimes our schedules can be a little crazy. He works nights, I work days.  Unfortunately, despite his many attempts he can't seem to fall asleep when he first gets home from work. Often times he is just starting to get into his deep rem sleep when I arrive home from work.

Some days this is quite enjoyable. I pack his lunch, throw a load of laundry in the wash, make myself something small for dinner, then curl up in front of the couch with a book, scroll the internet and watch tv, maybe take a nice hot bubble bath.

But... Some times I start to feel very lonely.

So this weekend, when he decided to fill up his free time with tennis and golf with his buddies I started to get a little bitter.

I wanted to stomp my feet

I wanted to hold my breath until my face turned red.

I wanted to slam doors.

I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs.


Instead of doing all those things, I decided to talk to him.

It started when he was playing with the cat and told her she was beautiful.

I even was jealous of my cat!!!!!

"sure tell the cat she's beautiful but what about me"

"I tell you that your beautiful all the time"

"I don't remember the last time you told me I'm beautiful"

"where is all this coming from?"

(Deep sigh)

" i guess I just feel neglected, like I needed a little bit of attention. Part of me is tempted to do something bad just so that your forced to pay some attention to be" (I guess it's true what they say, attention is still attention whether it is positive or negative)

I think I saw his eyes pop right out of his head!

"no,no, no nothing BAD bad, just something to get your attention, like "forget" to replace the toilet paper when it's done, or "accidentally" forget to take my vitamins, or "forget" my phone at home when I leave for the day."

Well, I'm glad I decided to talk to him rather then act on my temptation because we spent a lazy afternoon curled up on the couch, wrapped up in each others arms watching movies rather then me faced down on the bed with a warm red bottom!


  1. Good for you! Glad you got the attention you needed. Sometimes our guys get absent minded about those things. Has he tried melatonin to get to sleep? Also, the makers of NyQuil now have ZzzQuil, just for sleeping. Hope he gets more rest so you two can connect more!

  2. Way to communicate your needs effectively!!!

  3. talking is always good