Sunday, 29 July 2012

I trip away had me showing shades of red

My hubby loves to spoil me! And I am not about to complain about that! Birthdays and holiday's have always been an excuse for him to go a little overboard. So this year my birthday was no exception. On the day of, she showered me with attention, dinner and beautiful earrings. He also told me not to make plans for this weekend. Of course I was going crazy not knowing what he had planned I was thrilled and excited.
We packed up our things on Friday night and set our alarms for an early morning. He shared one small detail about our trip, we were going to a baseball game 4 hours away and needed to leave early if we wanted to make it on time. The alarm went off,and we decided to snooze it another 10 minutes, however instead of hitting snooze I turned it off, which ended up in us sleeping in another hour. After rushing to get ready I dropped him off at the car rental place, ours is getting old and not up to the long commute, and waited for him to pick me up at the house. I thought I would splash on some makeup, which I hardly ever wear and make myself pretty for him. When I heard the car, I ran out not wanting to make him wait. I immediately realized that I just locked to the door with the house keys still inside. We were already running late and didn't have time to figure it out, so we left it to deal with when we got home. We were off to a rough start and my mood, and stress levels were just as rough. I wasn't rude or disrespectful, just really quiet, which isnt like me all at. After a few hours in the car, a large coffee and a good radio station I was starting to feel a little better. When we got to our destination we checked into our hotel. It was amazing. I have stayed in nice hotels before but nothing like this. We had to leave right away to get the game that we were already late for. Luckily the score was 0/0 when we got there and we didn't miss much. In the end my team won earning me some bragging rights. After the game we went out for dinner and drinks at an amazing restraunt and had some time before my next surprise, so we went back to the hotel to get ready and relax. An hour later we were rushing out to our next event, Michael Jackson's circ de soleil! It was the best thing I have ever scene. You would think that would be enough but we left the hotel this morning to go to a golf tournament held a few hours away. Granted this was more for him then me, it was still a nice few hours spent with him.
It's nice to be back home, and yes inside despite locking us out. I had an amazing weekend and now need to start planning for his birthday...
Oh and if you're wondering about the shades of red comment, it's all his fault! He didn't tell me to pack for a full day outside, how was I to know I needed to pack sunscreen! I look like an apple (his words). I hope you had a good weekend too.


  1. Hi Becky. I just came across your blog, I enjoyed reading your story. Have a great day!

  2. What a great weekend! That wasn't the shades of red I was expecting - ha!