Wednesday, 4 July 2012

and then there was 2.... and 3

So here is a little tid bit of information about me... I LOVE to read!
I love to get lost in a book, swept away to another country, life, or  time. When I read a novel I become the protagonist. I read just about anything and everything. I will become Winston Smith in George Orwell's prophecy of the future, 1984.  Or Aminata Diallo as I am being abducted from my small village in Africa and forced to migrate to America where I will be sold as a slave only to dream of the day that I will once again be free, in Lawrence Hill's Book of Negroes. Or even Anastasia Steele being tied up and spank by my dominant partner for the first time in 50 Shades of Grey. 
I love reading and could read at any time, any place, and for long periods of time.

What's the problem with that??

I get so involved in the book that I am reading that I become obsessed, unable to put my book down until I have finished it. So often I will read a book from start to finished in one day. Even if that means staying up until 4am on a work night... which brings my to rule number 2.

I have a bedtime :(

I have heard other people talk about having a bedtime as a rule but still a little surprised that it is now on my list. 

Although we both discussed that rule #3 should go with out being said... I am not to lie, EVER. Since the hubby works nights he is relying on my honesty to report if I have broken my bedtime rule. And he has ensured me if I break that rule and lie about it, I will be sorry.

Ask and you will receive... to think I just complained about the lack of rules last week and now my list has tripled!!


  1. Yeah well apparently... there a real issue with bedtime around this establishment too.... I figure a rule is coming down the pike... Man, I so understand. I LOVE TO READ

  2. Ahh yes, the whole "be careful what you wish for" conundrum. Been there lots lol.
    And it is so utterly impossible Not to get sucked into a good book...

  3. if you enjoy reading you might want to check out my reviewer blog that is on the top of my blog.