Monday, 25 June 2012


I am thrilled that my hubby actually agreed to give this lifestyle a shot. I am impressed that he made a rule, (I am not to leave the house without my cell phone, my car is too old and unreliable). And mad props go out to him for being consistent at enforcing the rule!

So what am I complaining about?

It is my only rule.

And even though it took two times, I learned my lesson. Unless I start to brat and intentionally leave my phone at home when I leave for work, I may never get spanked again! Which would be great if that meant my house was spotless and I had nothing but respect and obedience towards my husband, but unfortunately that is not always the case.

I suggested punishment when I need an 'attitude adjustment', he replied that sometimes he is snappy towards me and would feel bad punishing me for this.

I suggested punishment when the house starts to get messy. However my tolerance of a messy house and his tolerance are very different and I can't see it getting to the point that he needs to intervene. 

Anyone else deal with something like this? Did you or your HOH struggle with adding new rules?


  1. sounds a bit like he is feeling uncomfortable in holding you accountable for things that he struggles with as well. That's fair...don't be surprised if in time he works on some of those things and raises the expectations for both of you.

    I'm not sure what to suggest as we also don't have many rules. They are really helpful when you first start out though. I guess maybe just keep thinking of one that might fit and then approach him with it. I know, it's really hard to be patient and yet still communicative

  2. Maybe instead of putting it on him to come up with rules for you, you could just talk to him about some of the things you would to work on? You could ask him to help you come up with some expectations/guidelines to help you meet those goals...and then ask for his help in staying accountable. Just a thought!

  3. Thanks for your advice Susie and Tess. I think that your right Tess, at this point I need to talk/discuss the things I think I need help with to be a better wife, and I'm sure once we start working though that he probably well step it up like Susie suggested. I guess I just need to be patient (not one of my strengths!).